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Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002

Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002 Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002 Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002 Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002 Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002

Cheap Dental Unit Coyo D002

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Coyo Dental Instruments - Professional Dental Unit, Dental Chair and Dental Air Compressor Manufacturer & Supplier

Coyo D002 is the hot sale economic chair with complete functions, decent design with multi-color seat pads for options, hot sales due to its cost-efficient. high quality electrical motor normally works more. Than 5-8 years.
Spare parts are common but with good quality, which enhance its easier maintenance, 2% spare parts for free.

Standard Feature:

♦24V noiseless DC motor
♦Optional switch purified water & tap water system (1 set)
♦Automatic constant-temperature water supply system (1 set)
♦Cold & hot water system
♦Auto adjustable cup filler equipment (1 set)
♦Auto spittoon flush control system (1 set)
♦Integrated tempered glass spittoon (1 set)
♦Auto water-pressure Saliva ejector(1 set)
♦Auto high sucker (1 set)
♦External water tank(1 set)
♦3-way syringe(air/water/ fine spray ) (2 sets)
♦24V low-voltage film view (1 set)
♦All- direction  cold light lamp(1 set)
♦Down-hang instrument tray (1 set)
♦Instrument tray with air brake
♦Cotton cup (1 set)
♦Pedal foot control switch (1 set )
♦Deluxe chair for dentist (1 set)

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♦ Power:110V/220V  60Hz/50Hz  2A
♦ Air pressure:>0.55Mpa (clean oilless dry )
♦ Water pressure:0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
♦ High-speed handpiece: No-load speed≥300000r/min (four-hole)   Work pressure:  0.25Mpa
♦ Low-speed handpiece: No-load speed≥200000r/min (four-hole)
♦ Three-way syringe for water, air and mist
♦ Cold light lamp: AC 12V 50W      Degree of light density: Strong light: ≥16000Lux
Chrominance: 5000 K       Low light≥14000Lux
♦ Constant temperature water heater:  AC 24V 60W;   Water temperature: 50℃±15% 

Optional Accessories:

♦4-hole high-speed turbine handpiece, imported /domestic product  (2 pieces)
♦4-hole low-speed turbine handpiece, imported /domestic product  (1 piece)
♦Ultrasonic Scaler, imported /domestic product   (1 piece)
♦Curing Light,  imported /domestic product     (1 piece)
♦Endoscope system,  imported /domestic product (1 piece)
♦Fiber optic handpiece
♦Fiber optic handpiece circuit board
♦Fiber optic handpiece tube

Color Option for Dental Chair


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